About Me


Dr. Jin Joo Lee is a leading expert in human-robot interactions. She designs and creates technologies that operate in the medium of the human experience and are capable of communicating with us as social and emotional beings.

Jin Joo’s expertise focuses on modeling social and emotional communication using machine learning algorithms to create lifelike and interactive robot characters. Her interdisciplinary approach combines methodologies from robotics, animation, AI, human social psychology, and cognitive science to develop robots with social and emotional intelligence.

She led the development of the Tega robot, an android-based platform designed for highly-expressive and engaging interactions with young children.  She is a full-stack roboticist with experience in computer vision and perception, cognitive models and planners, animated behaviors down to motor controllers, and evaluating user-experience.

Jin Joo holds a PhD (2017) from the MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group lead by Professor Cynthia Breazeal and a BS/MS (2009) in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  She was formerly a Character AI Engineer at Jibo Inc., creators of the world’s first social robot for the home and named Time Magazine’s “25 Best Inventions.” She is currently at Amazon Alexa Devices continuing to develop intelligent interactive experiences.